Recently Read Articles


I read like a madman, so I’m going to post the content of my “Recently Read Articles” feed to this site.

What’s the point?

For most of the articles I read, I have some form of opinion or comment to make. Sometimes, and this is happening more and more, I’ll make a comment about the article where it belongs - on the original website.

So… what’s the point?

Some sites don’t accept comments (I’m looking at you, DF) and on a lot of sites that do, I’m not notified of any new comments in the thread.

What about comment aggregators?

Disqus and Intense Debate let me see the string of comments I’ve made on sites, but there is no context and I don’t have the ability to subscribe to a thread (that I know of).

What about the Salmon Protocol?

If this ever happens, I’ll have died and gone to heaven. As it stands now, there is a lot of talk and no action.

It’s open source, can’t you do something?

Yeah, I could.. and maybe will. Someday. Until then, this is it. And STFU with the questions.


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